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Alex Potemkin
28k+ images
8.6k+ video

I'm an iStock Exclusive contributor since 2007 and I used all existed systems for uploads. I switched to qHero years ago and I believe that it is the most efficient system I ever used.

It saves me hours of keywording time because of the flexibility, intellectual content-based keywords suggestions, semi-automatic disambiguation, and effective releases management. Unique scheduling helps to plan my submissions for months ahead, and batch-oriented stats helps to track the return of investments. Cloud-based service allows uploading imagery from any of my computers then to do attribution from anywhere, which is particularly useful in travel.

Enad Georges
6.5k+ images
Uploading photos is easy and very quick, nothing is too much or too little. Support is also quickly available. qHero is faster to process and handle compared to DeepMeta, which is more confusing and cumbersome when editing images.
Valery Voennyy
37.6k+ images
It is more convenient for me to use qHero than DeepMeta, and even more so Getty ESP. In qHero it is much more convenient and significantly faster to choose the meanings of terms and synonyms of keywords for large groups of similar files. Synonyms are added only to the files where they are needed. qHero allowed me to reduce the time required for attributing files in Getty by several times compared to DeepMeta.
Petar Chernaev
15.3k+ images
130+ video
qHero provides the opportunity for my team to work and control all files from distance.
Alex Sergeev
1.2k+ images
4.9k+ video
I like qHero because it helps me get things done faster. The site reads metadata from the video file, and it is possible to easily combine them in the description. The history of already uploaded batches is clearly visible.
Selim Uçar ÇAM
8.5k+ images
360+ video
The practicality of qhero's model release uploading makes my job a lot easier.
Louise Martinez
8.2k+ images
qHero has spoiled me for almost 4 years! I love the clean and well thought out UI. I've tried both free and paid solutions and haven't found anything like it to upload my work. qHero is the only solution made with care, which helps me upload my work to iStock and Getty in a fraction of the time. Thank you!
8.7k+ images
40+ video
I like uploading on qHero because keywording process here is super easy & much faster, especially when doing multiple images together.
Victoria Stepanova
120k+ images
52.3k+ video
I totally love qHero. It's convenient in all possible ways but what I appreciate the most is keyword processing - you can easily do the disambiguation or remove the irrelevant meanings.
Miomir Magdevski
27.4k+ images
I like to post photos via qHero because the process is fast and the photos are clear and big enough. In addition, the website offers great help in choosing keywords, which makes work much easier. I would also commend the statistics which are detailed and informative.
Alberto Giacomazzi
64.2k+ images
qHero really helps me with keywording thanks to the AI engine, and i can use it from anywhere.
Andrey Popov
82.1k+ images
80+ video
I don't have to do terms selections anymore. qHero does it for me automatically. Fastest way to upload to iStock.
Ziga Plahutar
22k+ images
4.6k+ video
qHero is undoubtedly the best tool for uploading photos and videos to istockphoto.com. It has clear design, copying keywords is easy and the best thing is that you can keyword uploaded files from anywhere. So, it's convenient if someone else is doing this for you from another location. Keep up the good work guys!
11.6k+ images
21.5k+ video
I like qHero because it helps me get things done faster. This service is free, qhero allows you to upload photos and videos to iStock and replaces inconvenient uploading and attribution in ESP. Quick batch editing, fast content loading, convenient dictionary. There is no service failures. qHero also allows you to download your work for free.
Valentin Carsarsa
60k+ images
6.1k+ video
qHero is the best thing that happened to us by making it possible to extend our production.

qHero allows us to outsource the Keywording service and gives us the opportunity to collaborate remotely with many contractors.

One of the best features qHero offers is the simple way to copy/paste the image attributes to any submission, either active or closed.

All the releases stay in one place and you have to submit it to qHero only once, making it really simple to re-use the same release in different submissions with the same model and shoot date.

Andrey Dan
14k+ images
970+ video
qHero UI is way superior than istock uploader (ESP) in all aspects. Keywords suggestions, copy/paste tool, super easy to use releases section are things which already saved a lot of time for me.
Anna Khrushcheva
76.3k+ images
1k+ video
There are many reasons to like qHero. We like qHero because:
- it is the best tool to make the process of attaching MRs and PRs fast and accurate;
- it helps control the process of batches submission;
- it is easy to use;
- it provides the full review details and makes it easy to manage the revisable content;
- it has intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Sarayuth & Ekayuth
5.6k+ images
1.6k+ video
I like qHero because I can manage my assets from anywhere as long as I have a computer and internet access. Plus I can batch select keyword terms, which makes it time saving to submit loads of assets.


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